The fox is no deceiver

a film by Virginie Combet

This film is part of the series “Eggs and beef” made of films and video installations. It is a race film. It starts in the Garden of Eden and ends on a beach where water could catch on fire.

This work explores how the basic elements of nature, water, earth and fire, at the core of our survival mechanisms and our thinking, interact. What if water could catch on fire ?

Choreography : Boglárka Böröczffy-Farkas

With : Boglárka Böröczffy-Farkas, Aron Laszlo, Zora Laszlo, David Seropian, Alexandre Ayasse, Loic Danon, Virginie Combet

Music : Les Frères Microfont David Seropian / Alexandre Ayasse


Sceenings : Salamanca Moves / Tasmania 2016