Dancing Paths

Series of dance films directed by Virginie Combet at the « Jardin des Deux Rives de Strasbourg », based on the work of contemporary choreographers.

Produced by the city of Strasbourg 2004/2007

Dancers leave their costumary space to create landscapes versions of their choreography in the Jardin des Deux Rives, which takes place on the border between Strasbourg (France) and Kehl (Germany). By their specific and close relation to nature, light and the audience, suddenly so close, they propose us partitions full of poetry.

Editing : Virginie Combet

Curator : Yannick Kergreis-Chabaud

Cinematography : Virginie Combet/ Jié Sheng/ César Chabaud/ Christina Olagnier

Screened at : Vidéodanse Centre Pompidou 2009/2010/2011, Cinémathèque de la Danse, Centre National de la Danse, Maison de la danse de Lyon, CND Angers, La France en Russie Moscou 2010, Vidéodanse MK2 Quai de Loire 2010, Mime Centrum Berlin 2012, Centre d’art Le lait Albi 2013

Walking, green dance (clip)


Choreography : Daniel Larrieu

Interpretation : Jérôme Andrieu, Agnès Coutard, Daniel Larrieu, Anne Laurent

Ploding, walking, looking, feeling, waiting, contemplating, touching, seeing, hearing, closing one’s eyes, uncrossing one’s arms, feeling the others, walking together, looking behind, feeling the time, waiting for nothing, contemplating the landscape, being mooved, seing further, hearing in oneself, breathing again, relaxing the space, smiling at trees, sitting down over the past, closing the will eyes, uncrossing one’s arms without fear, feeling the others around, walking together with differents rythms, looking further behind, and in front, and besides, feeling the past, present and future time, waitig for nothing more, contemplating the landscape contemplating you, to being touched by the ground, seeing further the very close, hearing in oneself the pulse of life, breathing again what we become, loosening the space between the sky and ourselves, smiling at the trees stretching their shadows, siting on the past of the painful memories, closing the eyes of the near future’s will, uncrossing arms without fear of retaliation …

Daniel Larrieu


Trio 03 (extrait)


Choregraphy : Odile Duboc

Interpretation : Bruno Danjoux, David Drouard, David Wampach


Off-cent, adapted for outdoor space, immersed in a daily reality, Trio 03 choreographed in 2004 by Odile Duboc, appears in the daylight. This staging of the choreography in the landscape, during a dancing path in the Jardin des Deux Rives, between Strasbourg and Kehl, highlights the quality of the movement, the bodies at work, more than the mater and the density at work in its format fitting for theaters. IF

Full video on Viméo


Performance by Simone Forti (clip)


Simone Forti scrutinizes and replicates animal movements. More than illustrations, her work celebrates the surnatural energy of natural forces.


Air ball pic-nic (clip)


A garden or an urban park, no blanketonly balloons laid on the setting which has become a stage. No basket to share but the worlds of everyone’s blend : choreographer, visual and sound artists, dancers, in the permeability of each category.

For a dramatic plot, the pic-nic turns into a poetic even>

Design : Serge Ricci, Fabien Almakiewicz/ Compagnie Mi-Octobre

Sound creation: Berengère Detarlé

Performers : Almakiewicz, Berengère Detarlé, Alexandra Gilbert, Eric Grondin, Antonin Lambert, Serge Ricci

Performance by Thomas Lebrun/ Christine Bastin / Angèle Micaux (clip)

Artistic meeting between these three dancers and performers invited at Jardin des Deux Rives in Strasbourg.