Nobody knows, every body knows (extrait)

The video Nobody knows, every body knows directed by Virginie Combet is based on the eponymous show, creation of the Descent-Danse compagny managed by Laurence Rondoni. Laurence Rondoni offered the choreographer Sandrine Maisonneuve to creat a real time composition whith eleven dancers exploring together or individually the theme ” experience and inheritance “. These works reveals the energy of young generation stronger and intending to build the contemporary choreographic landscape of its country, Egypt.

2013/51 ‘

Artistic direction: Laurence Rondoni/ Descent-danse

Choreography: Sandrine Maisonneuve

Interpretation: Hossam Adb Elhameed, Raafat El Bauomi, Ahmed El Gendy, Ahmed Ezz, Samar Ezzat, Mohamed Fouad, Mona Gamil, Sherin Hegazy, Ezzt Ismail, Aly Khamees, Shaymaa Shoukry

Sound composition: Gaspard Guilbert

Lighting Composition : Christoph Guillermet

Direction : Virginie Combet


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